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The hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide, who subscribe to adult products, services, talents and events are invited to become Supporters of the AIPA.

Benefits To Adult Consumers

  1. The opportunity to support to a global umbrella organisation whose sole purpose is to protect the rights, interests and needs of all adult industry professionals.
  2. Access to a large, global database of adult businesses and professionals for your adult entertainment needs.
  3. Access to a global social and business media network for the adult industry.
  4. Regular updates on industry news and information.
  5. Improvement in code of conduct and operating standards in the industry.
  6. Improvement in health and safety standards in the industry.

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We understand and appreciate that many people will want to subscribe discreetly to Adult Industry Association.

Therefore, users are allowed to sign up anonymously by using an alias.

However, we strongly advise that members conduct their own due diligence, before agreeing to do business or a face- to face encounter with other members.

You should never be shy or hesitate to do the following;

  1. Ask for real name and other personal information
  2. Request a video call and to see photo ID to verify identity.
  3. Check references

Using our platform safely is your responsibility!

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