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For each member referred by you who upgrades to Premium Membership, you will be paid USD 15.00, USD 25.00 or USD 35.00 immediately, according to the schedule below.

Payment is made to YOU directly by the members and you keep 100% of it.

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How it works

First you must sign up FREE to become an AIPA Member. You will be added automatically to this Membership Agent group.

When you start your promotion, you send John a message to invite him to become an AIPA Member.

John signs up FREE as an AIPA Member.

A few days later, John decides to upgrade to become a Premium Member.

John submits the Premium Upgrade Form

John must pay you the upgrade fee of USD 15.00, USD 25.00 or USD 35.00.

You keep 100% of the upgrade fee as your reward.

You then submit the Payment Confirmation Form below to notify us that the fee was received.

Our Admin Team upgrades John to a Premium Member within 24 hours.

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