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Attention Exhibitors At Adult Event Worldwide!

Adult Industry Talk is hosting a special feature on all major events in the adult entertainment industry.

During this feature, our Host and Co-Host will conduct interviews with all Exhibitors.

This is great opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:

1) Additional promotion of your adult industry products and services to a captive, global audience of millions of listeners and viewers worldwide.

2) Long term exposure and visibility. All episodes are published in the archives indefinitely so that listeners can tune in at anytime in the future. Therefore all interviews can be heard by millions of listeners over an indefinite period of time.

3) Each exhibitor is given 10-15 minutes to share and discuss information about their adult business, products and services on the show.

4) Exhibitors can embed a copy of their interview onto their website for great content and engagement.

5) The production team will promote your Interview to a global audience of listeners and viewers.

How to participate

Exhibitors can participate in the interviews from anywhere in the event hall via skypewith the use of their mobile phone, iPad or computer and internet access.

Simply follow the instructions below:

1) Sign up free on our website

2) Upload any related photos, videos or blogs 

3) Add us to your Skype contacts. Our Skype ID is CharlieSpice

4) Call us on Skype 5 minutes before the scheduled interview time 

FREE to participate in interviews

There is no cost to Exhibitors to participate in interviews for the production of the Special Feature.

To participate, please subscribe free to our website and then submit the Special Guest Form below

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