1. All hosts must create, manage, produce and host their own shows.
  2. Hosts can produce TV or Radio talk shows.
  3. All hosts must host a minimum of 1 show per week, in the name of Adult Industry Talk.
  4. All hosts have full creative control over the production and hosting of their shows.
  5. Hosts can use any type of podcasting/live streaming software.
  6. Host can produce live or pre-recorded shows.
  7. All hosts must feature compelling news, reviews and interviews related to the adult industry.
  8. All hosts must feature a minimum of two 30-sec ads during each episode to promote AIA. These ads will be produced by AIA
  9. All hosts must promote AIA in conversation during each episode.
  10. All hosts must publish all upcoming eposides on the AIA website.
  11. All hosts are allowed to sell advertising space on their shows.
  12. All hosts retain 100% of the revenue generated from ads and sponsorship.
  13. All hosts can terminate their partnership with AIA at any time.
  14. All guests interviewed by hosts must be members of AIA.