AIA Complaints Committee

Help AIA Address The Problems In The Industry

On of the aims of AIA is to make the industry a safer and more rewarding space to work, do busisness or for pleasure.

Do you have a complaint to make about a person, business, product, service or activity in the sex or adult entertainment industry?

Then submit the details of the problem or complaint to the AIA Complaints Committee.

Complaints can be submitted in the following categories.

  1. Sex Trafficking
  2. Rape/Sexual Abuse
  3. Physical Abuse
  4. Sexually Transmitted Infections
  5. Forced Prostitution
  6. Child Prostitution
  7. Discrimination
  8. Unfair Business Practices
  9. Blackmail / Extortion
  10. Fraud
  11. Fake Profiles
  12. Theft/Burglary
  13. Identity Theft
  14. Copyright Infringement
  15. Bullying
  16. Racism
  17. Harassment
  18. Homelessness
  19. Poverty
  20. Other

Guidelines To Submit Complaints

  1. There is no cost to submit complaints.
  2. You do not have to be a member of Adult Industry Association (AIA) to submit a complaint.
  3. You must be an AIA member to receive advice and support from our Complaints Committee or related professionals in our network.
  4. All complaints are reviewed within 48 hours
  5. All complaints are handled confidentially and discreetly.
  6. Any action taken by AIA is determined by the person or organisation making the complaint.
  7. No action is taken by AIA without the authorisation and knowledge of the complainant
  8. Complaints submitted must be concise and to the point.
  9. Details of complaints submitted must be as accurate as possible.
  10. All complaints submitted are fact checked and investigated by management, to the best of our ability.
  11. All persons or companies against whom complaints are made will be given the opportunity to respond to the complaint(s).
  12. Members who deliberately and maliciously submit false complaints are banned from our AIA network and blacklisted.
  13. Complaints which are deemed not litigate, will not be actioned by management. 
  14. All complaints will be reviewed by relevant experts on the AIA team.
  15. The AIA management will offer advice and assistance to all members with their complaints to the best of our ability, based on our resources.
  16. AIA does not guarantee resolution of any complaint. Protection Status