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For years, the management of Charlie Spice Experience resisted the request from many wealthy ladies to expand its services to cater to their needs for romance, companionship and sex with attractive, eligible men or women, depending on their sexuality.

Research shows that there is a growing global market of independently wealthy women who are single, widowed or divorced and are socially and sexually liberated and frustrated. This liberation has caused many of these ladies to think just like men when it comes to adult entertainment and they can certainly afford the services of any exclusive agency that can provide adult services to them discreetly and at the highest level.

Women are also fed up with traditional dating sites and introduction agencies with hundreds or thousands of subscribers and a poor track record of success. They would prefer to pay more money for an alternative solution that is not available to the general public and provides a more personalised and customised service.

Take a look at the YouTube clip of How Stella Got Her Groove Back. This movie was produced back in 1998 solely for it's entertainment value but it still speaks the needs of millions of women today in similar situations whose lives are incomplete. These ladies are wealthy, powerful, successful but are miserably lacking partners who can fulfill them with romance, intimacy and amazing sex which are all vital to the total essence of being a happy woman, even if it is just for one night at a time.

In response to this niche market demand, Charlie Spice Experience has decided to cater to this female demographic in addition to rich men who have been the sole target market for over 25 years.

For more information about  Charlie Spice Experience, please visit their website at

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