AIA Live is an online talk show produced by Adult Industry Association (AIA). We feature live interactive discussions on all types of topics related to the sex and adult entertainment industry.

No pornography or sexually material is featured on our show and the tone of the language is politically correct.

Each episode consists of the following segments.

Adult Industry News
Adult Industry Complaints
Promo Interviews
Ask Our Experts

The show is streamed live on the Facebook page of Adult Industry Association and syndicated across YouTube and other social media platforms. Millions of users worldwide can tune into the live shows or at a later time/date in the archives.

Viewers can also participate in the discussions as guests via live video feed using their Facebook account. Alternatively, viewers can participate via the chat room.

Specially Invited Guests

If you have a compelling story, complaint, opinion or agenda to share with our audience, you are welcome to be a guest on AIA Live.

There is No Cost to be an invited as a Special Guest on our show. Simply submit the Specially Invited Guest Form.

Specially Invited Guest Form

Promo Interview Guests

Promote your adult industry products, services, activities and events to a captive audience of millions of viewers.

Adult Professionals and Business Owners can now participate in a 15-30 minute Promo Interviews on AIA Live talk show, which is produced by Adult Industry Association.

Promo Interview Guests can participate from anywhere in the world. All you require is Internet Access, Facebook Account, Laptop, iPad, Mobile Phone or other device. 

This is a paid service. See rates below.

15 Minute Promotion - US$ 75.00
20 Minute Promotion - US$ 95.00
30 Minute Promotion - US$ 100.00

To schedule your Promo Interview on AIA Live, click link below.

Promo Guest Interview Form

Meet Our Experts

On each episode, one of the AIA Experts will be on the show to address any queries from the listeners, in their area of expertise.

Our team of experts consists of Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Plastic Surgeons, Tax AdvisersBusiness Consultants, Web Developers, Social Media Marketing Managers and other related professionals worldwide.

Below are our experts. Protection Status