1. Adult Industry Association (AIA) is an international network for adult industry businesses, professionals and consumers worldwide.
  2. All adult businesses and professionals on the AIA platform are independent contractors.
  3. AIA management does not accept any responsibility or liability for the services, activities or actions of any of its members.
  4. AIA does not condone, encourage, promote or facilitate Human Trafficking or other illegal acts on the part of its members.
  5. Any knowledge of any acts of Human Trafficking committed against any person in the adult industry will be reported to the authorities by management.
  6. The AIA website does not contain pornographic or sexually explicit content. All such content will not be approved or deleted.
  7. AIA is a representative body for the adult industry and does not offer any sexual services or products.
  8. Management reserves the right to refuse or cancel the subscription of any member at anytime, for any reason. 

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