About AIA

Adult Industry Association (AIA) is global initiative, aimed at making the sex and adult entertainment industry a better, safer, healthier and more rewarding space for business, work and pleasure. 

We receive complaints on a daily basis from Professionals, Consumers and Business Owners worldwide in the adult industry, in the following categories. 

Human/Sex Trafficking
Physical Abuse
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Forced Prostitution
Child Prostitution
Unfair Business Practices
Blackmail / Extortion
Fake Profiles
Identity Theft
Copyright Infringement
Other Related Issues

We also partner and collaborate with governmental, non-governmental, civil society and other related organisations. 

In order to offer expert advice and assistance to our members worldwide, we also partner with a global network of Lawyers, Doctors, Psychologists, Business Consultants, Tax Advisors and other related professionals.

AIA is also a social and business networking platform.

Our Goals

1) To establish a representative body for AIA members on a local and international level. 

2) To establish a global media platform to give AIA members a more powerful voice to communicate their concerns and complaints.

3) To develop and implement sustainable initiatives and solutions to improve code of conduct, working conditions, health, safety and other operating standards.

4) To lobby effectively for change in legislation, practices and attitudes that impact negatively on the lives and work of AIA members.

Membership Categories

Any individual and orgaisation worldwide who is directly or indirectly involved in the sex and adult entertainment industry are invited to join our association.

Peson who are merely supporters of our industry or the work that AIAis doing are also invited to join.

We appreciate that many people would prefer to support the Adult Industry Association anonymously.

Therefore, subscribers are allowed to sign up with an alias instead of their real name.

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