About AIA

Adult Industry Association (AIA) is a global umbrella organisation for sex and adult entertainment industry.

All types of related businesses, professionals, consumers and supporters worldwide are invited to join this association.

AIA is also a business networking platform designed to help professionals and businesses increase their exposure, bookings, sales and income.

Our goal is to make the sex and adult industry a better, safer and more rewarding space for business, work and pleasure.

Our Goals

Our objectives within the sex and adult entertianment industry are as follows:

1) To establish an international representative body to address the rights, concerns, interests and needs of AIA member worldwide.

2) To develop and implement sustainable initiatives and solutions to improve code of conduct, working conditions, health, safety and other operating standards.

3) To lobby effectively for change in legislation, practices and attitudes that impact negatively on AIA members.

4) To create more work and business opportunities for AIA members.

5) To establish a global media platform to enable AIA members to communicate effectively with government officials, concerned citizens and other members of the community.

Membership Fees

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