AIA Reps Wanted

The management of Adult Industry Association is looking for suitably qualified persons worldwide to become AIA Representatives in their respective cities.

Each AIA Rep will be assigned an exclusive Chapter to manage.

This is an ideal online opportunity for adult industry professionals to achieve the following benefits

  1. Opportunity to make additional revenue from a platform that has the potential to be the largest and most influential network in the adult entertainment industry.
  2. Boost in global exposure and visibility of your personal, professional and business profiles in within the adult industry.
  3. Boost in bookings and sales of your products and services, where applicable.
  4. Increase in your credibility within the adult industry.
  5. Increase in the number of likes and followers on your social media networks. The number will increase exponentially as the AIA membership grows.
  6. Make money from sponsorship and advertising revenue in your Chapter.

As an AIA Rep, your responsibilities in your assigned Chapter are as follows:

  1. To promote the AIA platform to business owners, professionals, consumers and supporters in the sex and adult entertainment industry.

  2. To sign up a minimum of 50 new AIA members per month.

  3. To promote the AIA to adult business and professionals as a platform to promote their products and services by becoming sponsors.

  4. To promote the AIA to Anti-Human Trafficking, HIV/Aids, Police Departments and other related organisations to become partners.

  5. To attend local adult industry expos, exhibitions and other events to network to promote the AIA platform.


  1. Internet savvy
  2. Computer literate
  3. Excellent communication skills
  4. Social media marketiing skills
  5. Experience in the adult industry an asset but not mandatory
  6. No technical skills required
  7. All AIA Reps must be fluent in English in addition to their native language.

Hosts must first sign up free as members of the Adult Industry Association. Sign up now>>


  1. Reliable internet access.
  2. Laptop or desktop computer.
  3. Smartphone.
  4. WhatsApp account.
  5. Social media accounts for promoting your livestreams (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc).
  6. Payment facilities to receive money from sponsors and advertisers.

AIA Reps are required to create and manage a group on the AIA platform for their respective Chapters.

Weekly online meetings for training and networking purposes will be held by the management of AIA.

Businesses are invited to sponsor your AIA Chapter to boost the visibility, exposure and sales of their products and services.

AIA Reps retain 100% of all sponsorship and advertising revenue generated from ads placed on webpages of the group for your Chapter .

To apply to become an AIA Rep, please complete and submit the online application form below. Protection Status