Hosts Wanted Worldwide

Earn US$ 95 - US$ 630 Per Episode

The producer of AIA Live is looking for suitably qualified persons worldwide to become Hosts for our weekly livestream talk show.

AIA Live features news, reviews and interviews related to the sex and adult entertainment industry.


There are numerous benefits from being a host on AIA Live.

  1. Boost in the exposure and visibility of your personal, professional and business profiles.
  2. Increase in the number of likes and followers on your social media networks. The number will increase exponentially as you host more episodes.
  3. Make money from sponsorship revenue from companies.

As an AIA Live host, your responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To plan, schedule and host AIA Live episodes.
  2. To invite professionals, business owners and subscribers/clients in the adult industry as guests on the show.
  3. To invite representatives of Anti-Human Trafficking, HIV/Aids, Police Departments and other related organisations to participate in the guest interviews on AIA Live.
  4. To do prior research on the personal, professional and business profiles of the guests in order to formulate the right interview questions and responses.
  5. To invite businesses to become sponsors of AIA Live episodes hosted by you.
  6. To promote AIA Live episodes hosted by you on your social media networks.

You can host as many interviews as you want per month, based on your availability. Each interview lasts 60 minutes.


  1. Media personality
  2. Internet savvy
  3. Computer literate
  4. Excellent communication skills
  5. Experience in the adult industry an asset but not mandatory
  6. Experience in hosting live talk shows an asset but not mandatory
  7. No technical skills required
  8. All hosts must be fluent in English in addition to their native language.

Hosts must first sign up free as members of the Adult Industry Association. Sign up now>>


  1. An account on a livestream platform. Alternatively, the hosts will be given access to the StreamYard account of the producer. Terms apply.
  2. Reliable internet access.
  3. Laptop or desktop computer.
  4. Smartphone.
  5. WhatsApp account.
  6. Social media accounts for promoting your livestreams (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc).
  7. Payment facilities to receive money for sponsors.

Weekly online meetings for training and networking purposes will be held by the management of AIA.

Businesses are invited to sponsor the guest interviews to boost the visibility, exposure and sales of their products and services. The cost to place a 30-sec video ad during an episode is US$50.00 - US$95.00 per ad spot.

Hosts retain 100% of all sponsorship and advertising revenue generated from ads aired during episodes hosted by them.

To apply to become an AIA Live host, please complete and submit the online application form below. Protection Status