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SourceVenus Adult News

The Memo reports: Persuading investors to give you their cold hard cash is difficult for any new business. But it’s even more of a challenge if your business is considered ‘x-rated’. Whether you’re creating innovative porn, sex toys, or adult events, many traditional backers still want to steer clear of so-called ‘reputational risk’.Now there’s a new platform hoping to syphon much needed funds into this sexy sector.

Founded last year, AdultXfunding (AXF) is one of the first crowdfunding platform for the adult entertainment industry. “We welcome all legal sectors of the industry and then proudly promote them,” Director Jason Maskell tells The Memo. “Not just parts, like some crowdfunding platforms who are happy to have campaigns for sex toys, then hide them away.”
Like mainstream sites, visitors are invited to browse different campaigns to see if a project wins their heart. It’s free for for both entrepreneurs and investors to register, and backers can choose to pledge publicly or anonymously.Already there are number of campaigns live on the AdultXfunding site, ranging from Luwi(an innovative new female contraception brand) to new sex toy designers and porn production companies.In turn, rewards are equally varied – including everything from discounted products to membership packages and film set visits. “We want the adult community to feel happy to know that there’s now a crowdfunding platform that really wants them to do well and grow, that backs their dreams and will do it it can to make them happen,” says Maskell.

“And we want investors to get the best offer and to know they’re also supporting a company, that they can be a part of something amazing.”

In the future, Maskell wants to expand from reward crowdfunding to equity crowdfunding, and even into other frequently restricted financial services.

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