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The management of Adult Industry Association (AIA) is outraged at the blocking on its url by the algorithm of Facebook and its sister company Instagram.

AIA is an international association, web portal and social media network for adult entertainment businesses, professionals and consumers worldwide. Our mission is to make the adult industry a better, safer and more rewarding place for work, business and pleasure.  

Facebook claims that AIA is in violation of their compliance policies with reference to offensive material.

The Founder/President of AIA, Charlie Spice claims that Facebook is engaging in unfair trade practice similar to Microsoft Corporation when the US Government took action against them back in 2000 for violating the nation's antitrust laws through predatory and anticompetitive behavior.

In that case, a federal judge, Thomas Penfield Jackson of United States District Court ruled that Microsoft kept ''an oppressive thumb on the scale of competitive fortune,''.

Microsoft was also ordered to pay nearly $5 million in damages and other costs to Bristol Technology Inc as well as an undisclosed amount to Netscape for unfair trade practices.

Charlie Spice also feels that AIA has been wrongly and unfairly targeted by Facebook based on the following reasons:

  1. AIA is a legal platform and does not violate the laws of any country. Furthermore, AIA proposes to partner with Police, Immigration, Human Trafficking. HIV and other related organisations worldwide.
  2. AIA is not a sex site and does not provide any sexual products or services.
  3. AIA does not manage or represent the products and services of any or its members.
  4. AIA does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions, products or services of its members.
  5. AIA does not allow the publishing of any pornographic or sexually explicit material on our website.

As an NGOCharlie Spice argues that the policies of AIA regarding the publishing of offensive content are aligned 100% with those of Facebook and Instagram.

Furthermore, violating the polices of Facebook is in not in the interest or benefit of the association.

Ironically, Facebook and Instagram both have millions of Escorts, Dancers, WebCam performers, Porn Performers and other adult professionals and business owners listed on their platforms, who post adult entertainment related content daily. Herein lies the predatory and anticompetitive behaviour. 

The million of adult professionals and business owners on Facebook and Instagram are all potential subscribers of AIA and therefore, AIA is viewed as a competitor.

Charlie Spice says, "AIA management is now seeking legal advice to take further action as it would we would be a disservice to the global adult industry we represent to do nothing." 

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  • This is Terry from and, and I have had similar problems with Facebook and Instagram, I am all now Banned from Instagram and my account deleted, and it is unclear as to why. in addtion I have been suspended from Facebook on several occasions due to my link to my twitter feed( twitter is much  more liberal about its content rules)  now I have seen several pages on facebook ( i refuse to throw those practitioners under the bus to prove a point) which have contents that can be deemed as  pornography  and as Charlie Spice rightly said there are countless Facebook pages withcontent that may deemed that should have angered the facebook GODS but has not. all i am saying is that one must look at those who have been targeted and those that have been turned a blind eye....and make a comparison in particular the difference in advertising money that was generated and in terms of the geographical location....seems as though the U.S. and other first world countries seems not to be affected by this "moral enlightenment"  displayed by the facebook GODS....and I also want to call out CRAIGSLIST and BACKPAGE( for those outside the USA)  for doing the said same thing,  but they just use "technology difficulties" to frustrate the customer subtly. I hope the AIA get some traction on this as this is just plain bias.....PEACE!

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